Centre for Community Regeneration and Development

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About Us

Centre for Community Regeneration and Development abbreviated as CCREAD-Cameroon is a purely youth led development organization established in 2004 and legally registered as a non profit organization in December 2006 with Registration Number: 379/AG/G.42/162/AJPAS under Cameroon Law of 1990 governing non political associations. CCREAD-Cameroon won the 2011-2012 World Bank Development Marketplace Competition on the promotion of good governance, is affiliated to Peace Child International, (UK), MIYC South Korea, an active member of United Network of Young Peacebuilders (Worldwide) and an NGO participant of UN Global Compact.

2. Vision of the organization

CCREAD-Cameroon targets exposing marginalized children, youths, women and indigenous populations of Cameroon to empowerment and self realization opportunities merged with environmental sustainability through united youth actions.

3. Mission of CCREAD-Cameroon

Working in response to adopted community driven strategic plans, CCREAD-Cameroon currently has as mission “To enhance the social, economic, cultural and political empowerment of children, youths, women and indigenous groups for poverty alleviation, better community organization, improved governance/human rights and environmental conservation and management.

4. Objectives of CCREAD-Cameroon

The activities implemented by CCREAD-Cameroon are guided by the following objectives;

- Increase the application of good goverance, decentralisation, and democracy practices in Cameroon

- Reduce the high incidence of poverty among marginalized women and youths with focus on hard to reach forest communities of Cameroon

- Increase basic education and health facility access for children, women and youths in poor communities

- Foster peacebuilding and conflict resolution initiatives in selected communities

- Increase the respect of the rights of children, and women

- Raise environmental sustainability awareness and promote management actions among youths

5.Target groups for our Programs and projects

Recent and current projects target marginalized and disadvantaged children, youths, women and indigenous people in the South West, North West, West and Eastern Regions of Cameroon as core regions while sporadic activities