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1. Basic Information

Name of Organisation

Children Reachout Uganda



Post Office Address

P.O.Box 37656, Kampala, Uganda

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Name of Team Leader

Edwin Agaba

Mobile Phone number

+256-772-964 535/+256-702 792 250

Contact Person

Edwin Agaba


Team Leader/Founder

Contact Adress

P.O.Box 37656

Year of Establishment


Place of Establishment

Kampala, Uganda

Legal Status

Registered CBO/NGO in Kampala. REG NO.LUB/535

2. Organisational Background

Started in 2008, CHILDREN REACHOUT PROGRAM UGANDA is a community based organization, registered as a CBO/NGO in Kampala REG NO.LUB/535.The organization focuses on empowering vulnerable children living in slum communities through life skills, Education support, Health and wellness campaigns, Sports and Children's rights sensitization.

In 2011, the Children's gala was launched. This is an annual event aimed at creating a forum for Child focused organizations to network. Children are invited from the community schools so that they can get an opportunity to know the organizations and interact with them so that in case a child would like to receive a service provided by one of the organizations, they know where to go.

More than 2350 children have benefited from Children Reachout Program Uganda since its inception in 2008; all the services provided are free of charge and no child or caretaker is required to pay a fee.

The program currently operates in Nakulabye zone 6&4 where it started. Another center has been opened at Namugoona zone 5. Meetings take place on Saturdays & Sundays for community outreach. The meeting time on Saturdaysis 11:00am to 2:00pm and Sundays, 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Other days of the week are scheduled for community and schools outreaches, educational tours & hospitals outreach.

3. Vision and Mission

3.1 Vision Statement: To see a transformed community where children are living healthy lives and are capable of handling life challenges, with good morals and contributing effectively to national development.

3.2 Mission Statement: Children Reachout Program Uganda, exists to support vulnerable children living in urban communities with skills and tools that will help them see hope for a good future.

4. Goals and Objectives

4.1 Goal: To empower children living in slums with skills and abilities to enable them make healthy decisions and choose lifestyles that will enable them grow to contribute effectively to national development.

4.2 Specific Objectives

These are to;

  1. Empower the children with Life Skills for behavioural change
  2. Promote good practices for better hygiene and sanitation amongst the children and their families
  3. Develop skills such as Sports and art
  4. Support the children in their pursuit for education
  5. Sensitize the children about their rights and priviledges
5. Core Values

Our core values are:

  1. Love and Compassion

CROPU seeks to show love and compassion to all the children involved in the program.

  1. Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency

All Projects/Programs/personnel of Children Reachout Uganda Program shall promote Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency in all activities. Staff behaviour and conduct must consider this value and remain honest, sincere and transparent.

  1. Gender equality

The program shall not exercise any form of gender discrimination during recruitment and involvement of the children. This shall also apply during recruitment of staff and volunteers.

  1. Child Protection

Children under the program shall be made to feel safe. No activity that violates the rights of children shall be tolerated within the program. Staff and volunteers of CROPU shall NOT put the life of any child in danger or be involved with them in a way that violates their rights.

  1. Creativity and Innovation

The staff and volunteers of CROPU shall always seek to use creative and innovative means to communicate and implement all aspects of the program. Children love creativity.

Creativity and Innovation will also be used a cost management tool.

6. Existing Projects

The existing projects are running under our 5 major programs as indicated below.

  1. Life Skills Project

a) Behaviour change communication

b) Empowerment

  1. Health and wellness project

a) HIV/AIDS awareness

b) Anti-Malaria campaign

c) Basic health education

d) Child therapy and counselling

e) Hygiene & sanitation

f) Stop drug abuse

  1. Education support Project

a) Homework assistance and tutoring

b) Basic education

c) Free educational tours

d) Physical Education

e) Promotion of reading culture

f) Early childhood learning -developing

  1. Sports Project

a) Football

b) Volleyball

c) Frisbee

  1. Children's rights Sensitization Project

a) Girl child support and empowerment

b) Child rights and protection advocacy

c) Stop child labour

d) Stop child sacrifice

  1. 7. Operational Areas

Currently, we operate in Nakulabye zone 6&4 and Namugoona zone 5. Meetings take place on Saturdays & Sundays for community outreach.

We have 4 centres where we meet with the children.

The meeting time on Saturdaysis 11:00am to 2:00pm and Sundays, 3:00pm to 6:00pm. Other days of the week are for community and schools outreach, educational tours & hospitals outreach.

We carry out activities from people's homes. Well-wishers give us space.

  1. 8. Beneficiaries

The Primary beneficiaries are children aged 3-14 years old living in the slums of Nakulabye and Namungona. 80% of these come from single parent families, live with grandparents or other care takers. Most of those who are lucky to live with both parents still live in abject poverty because the parents are unemployed. 60% of our target population are girls and 40% are boys.

Other beneficiaries are the families of the children where these children come from, the communities in which they live and ultimately our country Uganda.

  1. 9. Partners

CROPU has the following partners;

a) National council for children

b) Raising voices

c) Nurture Africa

d) Uganda children forum

e) Sports friends International

f) One hope

g) Breakdance project Uganda

h) God's glory Evangelistic ministries

i) Bishop Dunstan Nsubuga Memorial community Centre.

j) Scripture union Uganda

k) Mercy link foundation Africa

l) Watoto children's church

  1. 10. Achievements

10.1 Demograhics for 2011

At least 60% of the children who joined the program when they were struggling in school can read and write.

There was a challenge at the start with few girls coming to our programs but gender balance has improved from 20% to 45%

Numbers of the children keep on growing every time we meet them from 40% to 80%.

95% of the Children are now committed to our activities and do not miss.

  1. 11. Future Plans

11.1 Short term plans

a) Develop a website for the program

b) Increase and diversify the number of volunteers involved in the program

c) Get more educational materials

11.2 Long term plans

a) Start a child sponsorship program

b) Hire full time staff to run the activities

c) Purchase land and establish CROPU centres

d) Expand to other slum areas in Kampala and Uganda and reach more children

12 Workplan for 2013 ( attachment by request)

13 Budget for 2013 ( attachment by request)

14 Staff/Team

The work of CROPU is currently run by volunteers. We have a team of 12 volunteers who give their time and resources to achieve the goals of CROPU.

The team is led by a team leader, to whom every one else reports.

The board of Gorvernors consists of a team of commited and focused people, who have commited to giving their time and talents to enable the growth of the organisation. (Details of the individual members are available on request)

17 Vision Bearer's profile

My name is Edwin Agaba and I am passionate about children. I grew up in the slum of Nakulabye and daily experienced first hand the challenges of growing up in such an environment. I knew that something had to be done. With two soccer balls and a desire to make a difference, this program started as a football club and has grown to what it is today.

I have worked with children for the last nine years with different child focussed organisations in different capacities and currently teach children's church at Watoto Church in Kampala, Uganda.

I am a Local Council Chairperson for children in Nakulabye zone 6. I am passionate about children and believe in making the world a better place for them and I hope anyone who believes like I do can rally behind me as we seek to make the world a better place for children living in slums.

Please visit my blog to learn more about me: or check out documentary trailer:


1. Basic Information

Name of Organisation

Children Reachout Uganda



Post Office Address

P.O.Box 37656, Kampala, Uganda

Email Address


Facebook page


Issue Areas Include

  • Children & Youth
  • Community Development
  • Education
  • Health & Medicine
  • Volunteering


  • kampala
    Uganda 256

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