Mission for Establishment of Human Rights in Iran (MEHR Iran)

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About Us


MEHR IRAN is a Human Rights group working for a democratic society and a system of justice for protecting universal human rights in world affairs in general and Iran in specific. MEHR IRAN is a network of individuals committed to strengthening advocacy on human rights situation in Iran and helping to develop greater capacity among Iranian in the use of International Criminal Court (ICC), the Convention against Torture and other mechanisms that provide Iranian victims avenues of and access to different systems of justice.


To address and oppose the steady and systematic violations of Human Rights in Iran.

To employ the international avenues for bringing to justice those elements of the Islamic Republic of Iran who have committed violent crimes against the people of Iran.

To work for the abolishment of capital punishment.


Bring into focus the status of Human Rights in Iran.

Participate in the ICC Ratification Campaign.

Promote awareness of the International Criminal Court and other international avenues to seek justice.

Prepare legal cases and explore applicable international avenues such as International Criminal Court and Convention Against Torture for bringing to justice those who have committed crimes against humanity in Iran.

Promote awareness of Iranian Community to seek the abolishment of capital punishment.