Academy of Business Leadership

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2244 Walnut Grove Ave, Quad 2A
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About Us

The Academy of Business Leadership (ABL) is a dynamic and innovative social entrepreneurial venture that is at the forefront of providing business and leadership education to youth in Southern California. ABL offers hands on experiential learning that gives students from all communities the opportunity to build bridges of understanding among different youth communities, becoming the agents of change needed to make a difference in their communities, schools and world. We give all our students a ten-to-twenty year head start, inspiring them to see themselves as Leaders NOW™ who will rise to become the future corporate, entrepreneurial, social entrepreneurial and civic leaders of America and the world, while inculcating in them the value of giving back NOW. We ignite our students’ passion for learning, prosperity building, and giving back through a new paradigm of self-perception and empowerment. In conjunction with its extensive corporate partners and collaboration with local universities, high schools, and entrepreneurs, ABL has enriched and impacted the lives of thousands of high-potential, low-opportunity students throughout the region.