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VISION The vision of SURCOD is a community that is empowered to advance rural initiative to access basic needs which can improve livelihoods, self reliance as well as community participation

MISSION The mission of SURCOD is to facilitate development based on self-dependency and self sufficiency of the rural people through effective implementation, promotion and support of integrated rural development projects with full participation, ownership and empowerment for beneficiaries through promotion of rights based approaches

GOAL The goal of SURCOD is to promote sustainable integrated community development for the rural communities through improving food security, household incomes, access to social services, water and sanitation and promotion of natural environment.

OBJECTIVES To improve food security and house hold income among the rural communities To improve health status of the rural communities through water and sanitation, HIV prevention and sustainable use of ARV’s, malaria prevention and community based treatment of minor elements To improve quality education and adult literacy levels To improve soil fertility water conservation techniques and natural resources management To improve the attitude, skills, and knowledge of staff, partners and project beneficiaries To promote awareness of Gender and Human rights issues To have a great commitment of sharing Christ love through tackling the root cause of poverty CORE VALUES The following are the core values of SURCOD that the vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies, operation principles are based on a) Through analysis of the underlying causes of poverty including explicit and ongoing analysis of power, gender and risks b) Community centered development including building sustainable capacity to claim rights and to drive decision making c) The organization focusing on people that are marginalized and discriminated against with the aim of empowering them d) The organization that is responsible for respecting protecting and fulfilling peoples needs as well as human rights identified and held accountable ‘

PRINCIPLES SURCOD programmes are based on the following fundamental principles which enhance sustainability

a) COMMUNITY CENTERED DEVELOPMENT: The first principle of SURCOD is community centered development of the rural communities using decentralized approaches of development where by the organization will assist in the promotion of rural initiative which the rural community can regard as theirs so that they should be confident of their knowledge they have.

b) CAPACITY BUILDING: The second principle will be to build the capacity of the rural community as well as of the staff of SURCOD to strengthen the organization managerial and economic capacity of the rural peoples in order to enhance community empowerment and active participation of the rural people in self help development activities.

c) NETWORKING: Work with the government and other community based organizations to maximize impact, build alliances and partnership with those who have responsibility to fulfill rights, and alleviate poverty through policy change and enforcement