AmeriCorps*VISTA CARE Project-Everett, WA

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2801 Lombard Avenue
PO Box 839
United States

About Us

AmeriCorps*VISTA CARE CONNECT diverse communities AFFIRM self-others worth RESPECT cultural socio economic & ability differences EMPOWER all we serve Project

AmeriCorps*VISTA CARE Project incorporates Volunteers of America WW’s mission and vision into its programming. The ultimate goal of all of our *VISTA placements is to focus on traditional learning, social/life skill building, and economic self sufficiency activities for the restoration of each individual’s dignity, self-respect and hope.

AmeriCorps*VISTA’s CARE Projects celebrate diversity. All programs address the specific unmet needs of children, youth, families and individuals from diverse cultural, ethnic, linguistic, and socio-economic groups in areas of: Homelessness, Literacy and Social/Emotional Development, At-Risk Youth, Financial Asset Development/Life Skills Training, Strengthening Diverse Communities, Social Justice, and Leadership Project Support.