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About Us

Medicine stands at a unique moment in history. With complete knowledge of the human genome, scientists can now systematically discover the molecular basis of human disease. This fundamental understanding holds the promise of new and effective therapies for cancer, diabetes, mental illness and many other diseases.

The Broad Institute's mission is to fulfill this promise by empowering creative scientists to construct new powerful tools for genomic medicine, to make them accessible to the global scientific community, and to apply them to the understanding and treatment of disease.

The Institute is a research collaboration involving faculty, professional staff and students from throughout the MIT and Harvard academic and medical communities and is governed jointly by the two universities. It was founded in 2003 through the far-sighted generosity of philanthropists Eli and Edythe Broad.

The Institute is organized around Scientific Programs and Scientific Platforms. This unique structure enables scientists to collaborate on important projects, with the potential to transform medicine.

In early 2006, the Institute will expand into a 230,000-square-foot building under construction at 7 Cambridge Center.