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About Us

Drueding Center breaks the relentless cycle of homelessness among families by impacting two generations. Our focus on young single mothers ages 18 to 25 reflects our commitment to serving the most vulnerable population, who stand to benefit the greatest from our program. Intensive case management is provided by our Family Advocates, as well as life skills, education services, and housing assistance.

While mothers work on employment and educational goals, their children are cared for on-site in a full-day licensed center. Additionally, our Youth Advocate assesses development, acts as a liaison to the schools, maintains a library with monthly literacy events, and oversees an evening tutoring program that ensures academic success for children.

Drueding Center meets the many needs of our families who have suffered trauma and still face daunting odds on the path to independence. Clinical counseling is provided to both mothers and children, both individually and in groups. We have begun implementing Dr. Sandra Bloom’s Sanctuary Model, which promotes safety and recovery from chronic stress and adversity. Our trauma-informed services are designed to deliver care in a way that acknowledges the role that trauma plays in the lives of our families.

Healing takes time. While families in our Residential program have up to two years before moving on to permanent housing, the advances made during their stay are preserved through After Care case management. DruedingCenter is unique in the length of time we stay with our families – up to seven years after they leave – and in the breadth of our programs.

Our Residential program can serve an average of 60 families over the course of a year. Simply put, "it works." During FY 14, 100% of families engaged in After Care maintained permanent housing for 3 years. Combining all three of our departments, we are able to serve about 450 families per year. Our tremendous mission is only possible through the dedication of volunteers.