La Casa Amarilla


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About Us

La Casa Amarilla (the yellow house) of Barcelona, Spain, is a non-profit association, which promote the cultural interchange between Latin America and Catalonia.

The projects are developed decentralized, in a virtual space, taking advantage of the technology and in collaboration with other associations and companies. The activities are mainly developed in Barcelona, as well as in the Latin-American countries which are members of our cultural and cooperation projects and interchange.

Our activities are based on the following values:

  • Nations free self-determination and respect for their cultural diversity.
  • Reliability.
  • Transparency.
  • Commitment.

Our association is composed by teams of professionals specialized in different cultural areas, who work together designing, developing, coordinating, evaluating and executing our projects. As a way of contributing to the cultural interchange between Latin-America and Catalonia we develop the following activities:

  • Elaboration, evaluation, developing, and execution of Cultural Projects based in the cultural cooperation, by means of the most recent technology.
  • Scheduling and setting up of: - Concerts - Theatrical representations - Art Exhibitions - Film and Documentary projections - Promotion of any other cultural expressions in order to promote de cultural diversity of Latin-America and Catalonia.
  • Book editions, CD productions, cultural publications (independent or in collaboration with the press, radio, television or other interested institutions)
  • Organization of conferences, festivals, colloquies, seminars, courses, workshops and other cultural events.
  • Artistic and cultural research.
  • Promote citizen’s formation and participation thru cultural events as a social construction.
  • Cooperation and development projects that contribute with the cultural protection and promotion of the patrimony of Latin-America and Catalonia.
  • Participation in the discussion of cultural policies which contribute with the answer of the community’s need.