Montana Watercourse

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About Us

The Montana Watercourse is a statewide water education organization that fosters stewardship and supports water resource decision-making by providing unbiased information, resources, tools and education to all water users.

Located at the Water Center on the campus of Montana State University, Bozeman, the Montana Watercourse offers presentations, workshops, trainings, tours and publications for anyone interested in learning more about water as a resource in Montana.

These products and services are available to anyone and are typically used by landowners and community members, educators, Realtors and developers, local watershed groups and conservation districts, and other water users.

Information and educational forums are offered on a variety of water resource topics, including: water management and conservation, watersheds, water quality, water rights, wetlands and riparian areas, groundwater/surface water interaction, and aquatic life.

What can we provide for you? • Co-sponsorship of water resource seminars, workshops, and trainings • Volunteer water monitoring training and assistance for communities and schools • Local water education program development assistance • Publications and guides on water resource and watershed topics • Educational teaching trunks with water resource activities • Educator workshops, trainings, and tours using Project WET materials