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Brianne Nadeau is a community activist and seasoned professional who is invested in improving the neighborhoods of Ward 1 through her service on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission, her work with non-profits dedicated to the Washington community and through initiatives she has spearheaded to promote sustainability and neighborhood cooperation. As a homeowner and 11-year District resident, Brianne is deeply invested in her community and has developed a vision for Ward 1 focused on strengthening our schools, supporting small businesses, increasing affordable housing and public safety, and putting measures in place that will end pay-to-play politics. Brianne believes the diversity of Ward 1 is one of its greatest strengths and will work to address the needs of all Ward 1 residents – families, seniors, young professionals and everyone in between.


Brianne is a D.C. Democratic Party leader and former Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner (ANC). During her tenure on ANC1B, Brianne built a reputation for supporting small businesses, fostering cooperation between residents and business owners, fighting for the abatement of abandoned properties, advocating for pedestrian safety, and making sure the concerns of the community were taken seriously by developers with projects in the ward.

In 2012 Brianne was elected vice chairperson of the Ward 1 Democrats and dedicated herself to expanding the base of registered Democrats in the ward to engage voters on local issues and advance the cause of full representation for the District.