Swarnim Foundation

About Us

Swarnim Foundation is a secular, non-profit, non-government organization registered under Indian Trust Act 1882 working towards some key concepts for the Betterment of mankind and our Humanity.

Swarnim Foundation was formed few years back with the motive to provide education, food, shelter and clothing to the economically weaker section of the society through a mutual consent of all the trust members. All the members engaged themself with one or the other charitable acts. Swarnim got its legal status on 15 december 2008 when it legally got registered in delhi, the capital of India. During this period the fear of recession was on peak.

There was a economic downfall everywhere, a wave of hunger and poverty arouse almost every part of the world. Swarnim decided to work against the recession. All the members had a common beleive that only agriculture is the field which can help us to over come the recession. It is rightly said that agriculture is the backbone of every nation. Only agriculture is the weapon which can help us to fight against recession and poverty. No matter how fast cars we built, how high buildings we construct, ultimately we will survive on agriculture only. We can not drink diesel or eat iron and live our life. What we require finally is food which will be produced by agriculture. We provide knowledge about latest methods and techniques used in agriculture to the farmers.

Another problem faced by agriculture in world today is excessive use of chemicals in farming. To increase productivity and to prevent crops from diseases farmers use excessive fertilizers and pesticides which may improve crops for a short duration but has a drastic effect on soil and human health in long run. They cause soil pollution and soil loose its productivity and also cause several disease in humans. Swarnim plans to do extensive research in this field so that a natural way can be sort out for this. Farmers can use biotechnology to improve their productivity of crops and prevent their crops from insects, pests and diseases using less or no chemicals. The solution to this is organic farming, use of biofertilizers and biopesticides.

Swarnim foundation is also doing research in the development of such crops which are resistant to such diseases and provide high yield to the farmer with low input.One of the major problems in agriculture in world is unequal rainfall and ineducate water supply. Swarnim is working on this both the way out. On one side Swarnim is finding such varities of crops which consume less water and give higher yield. Secondly swarnim is working towards natural imbalance by working against Global Warning.

We are working for the preservation of forest and trees so that nature can be balanced. We are walking on the steps to prevent natural resources, conserve energy, promote agriculture, do extensive research to prevent diseases caused by adultrated food or food mixed with harmful chemicals.

Apart from this Swarnim is working on the following core points for the betterment of our Humanity and mankind.

  • Agriculture & Food Security
  • Conservation of Natural Resources
  • Preservation and Care for Forest & Wildlife
  • Food, Shelter, Clothing
  • Education and Literacy
  • Youth & Adolcense
  • Women Empowerment
  • Child & Child Issues
  • Hunger, Poverty & Unemployment
  • Energy Conservation and Regeneration
  • Human Rights, Social Justice & International Peace
  • Health & Diseases