Over Zero

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District of Columbia
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About Us

Over Zero, a project of the Hopewell Fund, was founded to reduce, prevent, and create long-term societal resilience to violence. We work to help societies resist division and strive towards positive peace. When societies become divided on identity lines – religious, ethnic, political, or otherwise – group-targeted harm, from discrimination to identity-based attacks to mass atrocity events, becomes possible. Over Zero believes that in order to prevent this type of violence, it is critical to undermine the methods that cause and exacerbate division and increase a society's willingness accept and participate in violence. Our key focus is on developing strategic communication-based interventions that can undermine factors (such as dangerous speech) that increase division and people’s willingness to accept or participate in violence and/or group-targeted harm.

To prevent and reduce the risk of violence and group-targeted harm, we make existing knowledge and best practices available to the field through engaging in thought leadership and providing training and resources. We increase the impact of the field by working directly with select civil society organizations to apply knowledge and best practices and design promising strategies and interventions. Finally, we accelerate the development of new knowledge by fostering and supporting interdisciplinary research and by strengthening a community of practice that includes interdisciplinary experts and civil society practitioners.