Annie's List

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About Us

Who we are

Annie's List is a diverse coalition of political professionals, non-profit executives, policy experts, former candidates and elected officials, major donors, attorneys and more, all dedicated to changing the face of power in Texas politics - and thereby combatting the assault on issues of most importance to women and their families - by recruiting, training and supporting women candidates across the state.

What we do

  • Map out opportunities years in advance
  • Recruit women to run in winnable districts
  • Train candidates and campaign staff
  • Empower the next generation of progressives
  • Financially support viable candidates
  • Engage and activate women voters

Why we do it

Either by unfair redistricting, institutional bias or self-imposed limitations, women have been severely underrepresented in the Texas Legislature. In fact, over 6,000 men have been elected statewide compared to just 138 women. Annie's List works to proactively recruit talented women to run for office, to level the playing field in the campaigns and to help women move up the leadership pipeline as public servants. We see this as the only way to bring a balanced perspective back to Texas government.