Japanese Culture Institute

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9225 Trinity Drive
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About Us

The Japanese Culture Institute is a non-profit corporation established in McHenry County, Illinois as an educational center for the study of Japanese culture.

Our purpose is to foster mutual understanding and facilitate the exchange of information about Japanese culture with the community-at-large through a wide range of programs, including classes, publications, lectures, retreats, youth training, and other educational activities. The Institute will also work to build a spirit of cooperation and harmony among people of different cultures by coordinating events and programs with other organizations.

The Japanese Culture Institute, a not-for-profit charitable organization, was founded in 2008 with the following mission:

To establish and develop an educational center in McHenry County, Illinois for the study of Japanese culture, including cultural arts, mind-body disciplines and contemplative practices that develop the human being.

To offer instruction, publications, lectures, retreats, youth training, and other educational activities that make the study of Japanese culture accessible to anyone.

To explore innovative ways to experience Japanese culture, encouraging tolerance and exchange among different cultural traditions, and emphasizing the commonality of human experience.

To establish a resource for people wishing to study the culture and tradition of Japan, and to create a space where such education can occur though knowledgeable and professional instruction.