Oneness-Family School

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6701 Wisconsin Avenue
Chevy Chase
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About Us

Oneness-Family School: Educating the Whole Child Serving Students (Age 2 Through Grade Eight)

Our program is Montessori-based, offering multi-age classrooms. Our vision is to foster a new generation of leaders who become meaningful contributors to the society of the 21st century by expanding their consciousness, realizing their potential, and coming to feel and understand that the world is one family. Our mission is to provide a learning environment in which personal growth is valued as much as academic excellence. Supporting the foundation of our curriculum are five essential pillars...

Skills: Provide students with the academic and life skills they will need to successfully live, work, and achieve their goals.

Knowledge: Guide them toward a deeper knowledge of themselves - their strengths, interests, values, feelings, and aspirations.

Self-Expression: Empower them in the realistic, creative, and harmonious expression of their own visions.

Understanding: Instill in them a broad understanding of, and respect for, the world and its diverse cultures.

Appreciation: Nurture their appreciation for life itself, and for all living things.