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The mission of First Place is to help foster kids build the skills they need to make a successful transition to self-sufficiency and responsible adulthood.

We believe that all foster kids in the United States can achieve self-sufficiency and make a successful transition to adulthood so that the disparities between them and their non-foster care peers are eliminated. First Place is a national leader in building the evidence to support this drive and in increasing awareness, changing perceptions and building a movement to make it happen.

Last year, First Place served 1,632 current and former foster kids throughout the state. First Place was the first organization in Northern California dedicated exclusively to addressing the lack of affordable housing and resources for former foster kids and has grown to become a nationally-recognized model operating in six California counties:

Alameda (beginning in 1998)
• San Francisco (2002)
• Contra Costa (2005)
• Solano (2007)
• Los Angeles (2010)
• Santa Clara (2015)

First Place and our leadership team have received numerous awards and honors for our innovative programs and leadership in the field, including:

National Association of Counties Achievement Award/Children and Youth (Los Angeles County 2013).
• Social Impact Exchange selection to Top 100 Nonprofits (2012)
• National Alliance to End Homeless recognition as Best Practice (2011)
• Annie E. Casey Foundation Children and Family Fellowship (Sam Cobbs, 2010)
• James Irvine Foundation Leadership Award (Sam Cobbs, 2010)
• American Red Cross Community Award (2010)
• Bank of America Neighborhood Builders Award (2007)
• Tipping Point Community Award (2007)

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