Nigeria Network Of NGOs

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About Us

Our goal is to provide opportunities for NGOs\,CBOs and PVOs to contribute to the advancement of national and global peace through developmental activities focused at the grassroots, whilst networking with each other and other national and international agencies

Our objectives are to:

Coordinate NGOs active in the following areas:

Democracy and Good Governance

Poverty Alleviation (Trade, Finance and Income Generation)

Women Development/Development of the Girl Child

Primary Health Care, STDs/AIDS and other health related matters

Education and Functional Literacy



Human & Drug Tracking/Abuse


Identify and maintain a register of all NGOs and PVOs and establish a resource centre, including a library and data bank.

Collaborate with international and national agencies in developmental activities.

Establish state and local government branches.

Organise conferences, seminars, workshops, symposia, etc. and raise funds for the organisation and its branches.

Provide a forum for collaboration between NGOs, international agencies and government for effective networking in the implementation of development programmes.