The Escape Route

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About Us

The Escape Route encourages self-employment among ex-prisoners, and thereby reduces the numbers of ex-offenders returning to prison.

With 60% of ex-prisoners returning to prison within two years, and with the high cost of detention, there is a big need to help ex-prisoners get jobs. But employers are unwilling to take on ex-prisoners, and many jobs require a security (CRB) check or oblige the applicant to disclose previous convictions.

The Escape Route provides unique self-employment packs exclusively for ex-prisoners. We have packs for several trades or professions. Each pack is characterised by requiring little or no start-up capital. Examples include becoming a handyman, window cleaner, or fitness trainer.

Each pack, known as an Escape Plan, contains full details on how to become self employed. Each includes a DVD featuring a video interview with a self employed professional, usually a former prisoner.

The packs are provided free of charge to ex-prisoners.