IOI Galapagos

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Av. Antonio Gil y las Fragatas
Puerto Villamil


About Us

IOI stands for Intercultural Outreach Initiative. We are a non-profit organization operating in the small community of Puerto Villamil, on the island of Isabela, the most rural of the populated islands in the archipelago of the Galápagos, Ecuador. Founded in 2006, our vision is to help establish an ecologically sustainable and socially stable local economy in the Galápagos by supporting education, conservation and social development for one of its most beautiful islands. We are proud to be the only organization on Isabela that is dedicated to supporting local initiatives now, in order to secure a better tomorrow. We've been lucky enough to have made some incredibly positive and impactful changes to the local community and are able to continue to do so with the help and support of people that want to make a real difference.