Sisters of Bon Secours, USA

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1525 Marriottsville Road
United States

About Us

The Sisters of Bon Secours is an international religious congregation of Catholic women who bring to the world "Good Help to Those in Need".

We are a community of women whose lives are centered in Christ… A loving community with strong bonds of friendship and caring… A prayerful community with a spirit of dedication and availability.. A serving community centered on healing, touching, and caring for the whole person…

A community of progressive women of the Church…women journeying with all of God's people.

Today, we practice our healing and spiritual ministry in hospitals, hospices, rehab centers, wellness centers, clinics, parishes, long-term care facilities, home care agencies, community centers, and social service organizations. We are caregivers, spiritual directors, chaplains, mission leaders, administrators, case managers, community organizers, counselors, board members, and more.