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About Us

‘Would you like to receive an opportunity to participate in contributing towards promoting positive reading and awareness in the society and a good cause of education to the needy'? I am approaching you with a special request to promote ‘Just Read’, a monthly small magazine published by me with the following major concerns. Being for a long time in graphic designing as a professional for many well-known companies and artistic issues of NGOs, I was all the time thinking of being useful to society in a positive way through the expertise I have in graphics and my affinity to the printing world. Instead of supporting a good cause through cash donations, an idea occurred to me to come out with a magazine that offers very relevant, thought provoking issues that promotes positive thinking and awareness to the society at large; which might also attract readers of all ages, young and old and which might provoke their positive participation in issues discussed through my small endeavour. I think, after publishing 10 issues of this magazines I have now come to a stage, where my readers have shown their positive and creative response by contributing very interesting articles in different areas in different issues of the magazine that have been published so far. The magazine covers different areas such as knowledge-based articles in health, travel, movies, sports, music, art and many others. It also promotes creative writing such as inspiring stories, poems and thoughts. It takes up issues such as environment, women-empowerment, youth-related problems and social problems related to human resources and its development. Now, I approach you with a request to promote this magazine published on ‘no profit no loss’ basis, but with a good cause of spreading awareness for many relevant human issues and educating the readers in positive thinking and through that inspiring them to work for good causes in society. There are following different way through which your self / your institution / your NGO / your company can support this publication. (i) Subscribing and gifting the copy of each issue to your works / staff / employers. (ii) Contributing articles about your concern / company / institute and advertising for the same. (iii) Sponsoring any issue of the magazine through Cash / Cheque donation with the tax benefits. (iv) Offering any other alternative schemes suggested by you that can promote and benefit the circulation of the magazine. Looking forward for your positive response for this magazine with positive thinking.

Sincerely and warmly yours meeta shah