Child Support Ministries Africa

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About Us

Child Support Ministries Africa (CSMA) is a not-for-profit organization (NGO) that cares for orphans, vulnerable children and disadvantaged youth and poor communities in Uganda. CSMA improves the lives of vulnerable children by providing education, psycho-social support, livelihoods, life skills and vocational training, child sponsorship and educational scholarships for children and youth in Uganda. We support children to acquire quality education, life skills and vocational training, health and nutrition, and we teach life skills training that enables children and youth develop and realize their full potential.

The devastation cause by HIV/AIDS has left at least 2 million children orphans in Uganda. Most of these children live in absolute poverty, lack basic support, have no access to quality education and healthcare, and are unprotected leaving them vulnerable to all forms of exploitation and abuse, thus hindering them from reaching their full potential.

To help rescue some of these children, CSMA programs and projects in Uganda, focuses on meeting holistic needs of vulnerable children and youth in poor communities and slums of Kampala City. Through advocacy and promotion of the rights and welfare of children in Uganda, CSMA improves the potential of less privileged children through education, life skills and vocational training, child sponsorship and support, livelihoods programs, and educational Scholarship scheme for bright and promising children to pursue quality education. In so doing, CSMA is giving each child equal opportunity to discover, explore, exploit and realize their full potential . We seek to stand as a voice for the voiceless children and youth in poor communities all over Uganda.

As a not-for-profit organization, CSMA depends entirely on the generous donations and support from private individual, families, organizations, foundations, volunteers, friends and well-wishers from all over the world. We are grateful for your generous support. Your gift in any amount is highly appreciated.

We invite you to consider getting involved with us in helping to bring hope and a better life for many less privileged children and youth in Uganda. Please contact us by email, phone or post.

Volunteers needed: Child Support Ministries Africa (CSMA) has volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, groups, and teams from, organizations, schools, churches, and companies, to volunteer short-term or long-term in orphanages, children homes and community youth projects in Uganda.

Volunteer placements can be short-term (2 weeks - 6 months) or long-term (7 months-2 years), but can even be longer, depending on the volunteer's time frame, and are organized throughout the year. Placements are in orphanages in Kampala city, and projects include working in orphanages and children's homes, schools, local hospitals, and community projects.

During this period, volunteers help with caring for the children at the orphanages, teaching computer skills at CSMA Computer Centers, teach at orphan schools, help with building projects, organize out-of-school kids programs, hold community outreach medical clinics, and conduct counseling sessions with children, youth and women affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS. Please consider getting involved with CSMA's work in Uganda, East Africa, and help bring hope and opportunities for the less privileged children and youth.