Food Not Bombs - Houston

  • TX


521 Lamar
United States

About Us

We, participants in Food Not Bombs Houston (FNBH), agree

1. to use sharing of free food, exchange of information, and dialogue as a means of promoting social justice, cultural exchange, horizontal organizing, and mutual aid

2. not to use or tolerate sexual, racial, or any other form of harassment, authoritarianism, assault, or threat thereof in conjunction with FNBH

3. to bring only vegan (containing no animal products) or ovo-lacto freegan (may contain dairy or egg, but obtained for free) food that is safe for consumption, and to indicate any non-vegan ingredients

4. to respect each other's privacy and views, to try to contribute constructively to the group, and to refrain from disparaging the contributions of others

5. not to sell food or otherwise profit from any kind of donations given to FNBH

6. not to represent our personal viewpoints as viewpoints of FNBH, or make decisions on behalf of FNBH

7. to establish a group decision before: inviting the media to FNBH sharings, giving interviews as a FNBH volunteer, giving the media names or any other information about those coming to share or eat (everyone can choose whether or not to speak for themselves)

8. to encourage each other to call for a circle at any meal sharing to make proposals, work on group decisions, or raise concerns, including those about individuals not respecting these agreements