Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania

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Dar es Salaam


About Us

Set up in 1994, CCBRT was established as a Community Based Rehabilitation program searching for people with cataract in Dar es Salaam. Since then we have grown to become the largest indigenous provider of disability services in Tanzania. We are a locally registered NGO aiming to empower people with disabilities and their families, improve their quality of life, and ensure access to medical and rehabilitative treatment. Committed to preventing disabilities wherever possible, CCBRT is also engaged in extensive maternal and newborn healthcare (MNHC) activities.

CCBRT serves the poorest of the poor in the community and tries to remove as many barriers as possible to allow people to seek treatment. We are changing the lives and communities of some of the poorest and most marginalised people in Tanzania.

CCBRT’s Vision is a Tanzania where people have access to quality disability services as well as safe maternal and newborn healthcare.

CCBRT’s Mission is to:

  • Prevent disability
  • Prevent maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity
  • Provide equitable access to affordable, quality medical and rehabilitative services
  • Empower people with disabilities and their families
  • Facilitate the inclusion of disability in mainstream services
  • Build capacity in quality managerial, medical and rehabilitative services