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About Us

108 Mala works with artisans to support livelihood and income generation in developing countries around the world. We focus on females and marginalized communities, helping with product development and design for eco-friendly, handmade, organic, and sustainable products. 108 Mala supports the wholesale marketing and sales of these products in the U.S.

We aim to create a platform for supporting artisans and their work; supporting eco-friendly designs and product development; and becoming a recognized brand for fair trade and luxury goods.

108 Mala Inc. is a socially responsible organization committed to supporting artisans, designers, and innovators as well as their products and solutions. We want to create products that transform lives. We are a nonprofit organization committed to four things: • Support the design, development, and production of eco-friendly, organic, hand-made, and sustainable products • Increase income generation and livelihood activities for artisans through fair trade wages, international market access, and micro-enterprise development • Securing micro-credit loans to marginalized entrepreneurs to ensure development and growth of artisan and craft communities • Work with designers, innovators, and engineers to create products that solve social problems and address the needs of the poorest in the world

We truly believe gainful employment, self-respect, market access, and enterprise development help eradicate poverty.