Cameroon youth& entrepreneur (CYE)

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About Us

Cameroon Youth Entrepreneur is a group of people working to enable Cameroon to overcome poverty, hunger and HIV/AIDS. Cameroon Youth Entrepreneur is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), provides a platform for this group to execute its objectives. The group is composed of people who have the vision of changing people’s lives by capacity building and participation. Its stupor is to alleviate poverty amongst the community. Especially the girls who became mother by giving up their studies, the women and the young people, in the occupants at end to return them useful in the companies. Our objective is to make each other autonomous, to develop a trade, so that she can be able to occupy their children.

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We intend to achieve this by empowering the community with ideas, skills, and business education. Financial assistance where applicable. Our slogan is (it should be learned how to the men to fish to give them fish)