Angelo Awareness Welfare Society Up India


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About Us

OUR MISSION -------------------- To create awareness among girls and women, ANGELO AWARENESS WELFARE SOCIETY had launched a Scheme called as “Mahila Sakti Utthan” in 2005.Today it is being successfully implanted in about 15 villages. The scheme seeks to bring out a change in women’s perception about themselves and the society. The goal of “Mahila Sakti Utthan” is to tell their rights to education and opportunities for development, right to immunization against deadly diseases, about health facilities and their treatment, importance of good nutrition, right to birth certification, right to protection against sexual and economic exploitation, mal-treatment trafficking and other abuses Our other programmed include women literacy, which directly or indirectly will effect the literacy growth which help us to make next generation aware the population boom hazard which is highest in India among the world.