Fundacion Puntos de Luz

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About Us

We want to contribute in the formation of leaders and empowerment of societies by providing education and proper training. Fundación Puntos de Luz (Points of Light Foundation translated into English language) is an educational foundation of social property. We seek to train competent people from our access to a better educational development. We look to contribute to the creation and dissemination of knowledge and information.


We support development around the world, specially in countries that currently have serious economic and educational problems, through the implementation of community schools with various subject matters with an internationally reach. We intend improving the quality of life of communities, preparing students and workers to meet the challenges of an increasingly competitive world. All this influenced by the solidarity economy that gave us origin.   

This Foundation seeks to establish itself as a leader and promoter of an innovative educational thinking and within communities where our programs are implemented, showing as a guide to the civic and intellectual path that requires the dynamism of the current processes of social interaction. The new strategy to generate socio- economic changes in an inclusive education and intellectual development of every human being, considering each individual as an indispensable part of society, not only in its meaning for the future, but also as a creative entity, and the support they need to succeed.


"We want to generate the necessary changes in communities and society to have a prosperous and secure future. It's time to change lives empowering people and helping many dreams become reality. It's time to extend our hands with the vision to contribute to improving the quality of life of people awaiting an opportunity to succeed"