DreamStreet Theatre Company

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About Us

DreamStreet Theatre Company is a performing arts organization committed to cultivating a positive social community for special needs individuals with a passion for performance and for the arts.  Ours is a safe and creative space for developmentally disabled individuals to harness their talents and show the world just how uniquely able they are.

DreamStreet’s mission is to use performing arts and self-expression to strengthen the interpersonal skills of people with disabilities while fostering creative confidence and providing a platform to nurture growing artistic talents in our individuals. We hope, that through our performances, we will be able to illustrate to the community the profound effect art can have on life.

Our company is made up entirely of performers with special needs, or persons who have been classified as developmentally disabled. Most commonly, our performers have been labeled as Autistic, Aspbergers or Down Syndrome individuals. Company members participate in creating or adapting original material for the theater that incorporates music, dance, improvisation, storytelling, and comedy. They meet weekly for rehearsals and performing arts training and put on full-length performances twice a year, open to the public, at noteworthy theaters in Brooklyn and Manhattan, such as Symphony Space, The Roulette Theater and the BRIC Art Space. 

Our company members are given the opportunity to grow as independent artists, while our live performances break down current stereotypes surrounding persons with developmental disabilities, enabling audiences to see the amazing talent of our performers – as human beings – not simply only as persons with disabilities.  

DreamStreet is in the midst of a transformative season. We are making aggressive efforts to scale up our operations and services by offering new artistic challenges and opportunities for our performers.  Our 2020 vision -- literally and figuratively -- is that of a thriving, efficient, and growing ensemble of artists working to pioneer change in the perception of differently-abled individuals by promoting increased inclusion in the arts, while creating an enriching environment in which our members can continue to grow.