Project Fresh Start (People For People, Inc.)

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800 N. Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA
United States

About Us

Project Fresh Start exists to provide mentoring and transitional services for adult, male, ex-offenders ages 18 and up who are transitioning from the State Correctional Institution of Chester and back into Philadelphia. We recruit and train caring adult volunteers for one-on-one and group mentoring both inside of the facility and after their mentee(s) is released. For a one year commitment, and only 4 hours of their time per month, our volunteers serve as a life coach, friend, and confidante to their mentee to help them overcome the various social, personal, familial, and financial pressures and obstacles that make re-entry extrememly difficult. This is done through the transitional services we offer here at People For People, group activities, and the support of their mentor. If you would like to join our team and become a mentor in Project Fresh Satrt please contact Michael D. Miles, Program Coordinator, at (215) 235.1394 ext.