United Autism Foundation

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Fort Lauderdale

United States

About Us

The United Autism Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation, which was only established to serve and improve our community in order to help children and change lives.

It is the strategy of the United Autism Foundation to focus primarily on raising funds, which is a necessity to improve our society, have an immediate impact, and make a serious difference in our community today. We serve the community with dignity and ensure the most appropriate use of all donated funds: improving today for the future of tomorrow.

After analyzing the needs of our community, UNIAF is focusing on improvements of education, medical, and economic conditions of families and their children with special needs, specifically children with autism.

At UNIAF, we are not only passionate about what we do, furthermore, it is our daily motivation to strive after our goals and realize our vision, just thinking about the most exciting reward, a smiling child and happy family. It is all about securing the future of our society.

The United Autism Foundation is working with the local and national media, to increase awareness and encourage more aggressive funding to improve our community today. It is our commitment to serve the community and secure the future of our children.