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About Us

We are a non-profit network of global travelers committed to the idea of "use what you know, to do good as you go." Our vision is to inspire and enable all travelers to leverage their interests and professional skills to make a difference during their trips. We work closely with local communities to understand needs and challenges, build relationships with mutual respect, structure programs that foster empowerment and ensure sustainability through collaboration and knowledge building.

We believe that by working together, all of our small individual actions will lead to a significant impact on the world we visit, reducing poverty, improving education, arts and health, and inspiring others to do the same.

Some Important Notes about Volunteering with The Muskoka Foundation

Unfortunately, the Muskoka Foundation is not able to assist in visa processing in any way and does not assist any of your volunteering monetarily or otherwise. Our volunteers travel independently to the location where they are to volunteer, and are responsible for finding and paying for their own accommodation, meals, travel, etc. Our volunteer programs are advertised as "free" because we don't charge you to volunteer with us or to coordinate your volunteer experience, but we expect you to pay and arrange for all of your own travel expenses.

The Muskoka foundation cannot provide any volunteer training. If we have prepared curriculum for a specific course, we will share that information with you, but our focus is on skill transfer. This means that our volunteers come prepared to share, teach, or apply a skill that they have mastered with the staff of one of our partner organizations or the population that they serve. For example, a website developer might assist one of our partner organizations in creating a new website, or a photographer might teach photography workshops to youth for a week, or a nurse might give a health and hygiene class to an entire community for an afternoon.

Find out more about us by visiting our website and completing our Getting to Know You form:

We are a self-funded, secular, non-partisan 501(c)3 registered non-profit charity.