About Us

From: V. Balasubramani, Managing Trustee Sky Foundation CHENNAI INDIA Beloved friend: Love! SKYFOUNDATION SKY FOUNDATION is a registered non- governmental organisation. It is serving for the betterment of rural poor and urban slums Tamilnadu, south India. SKYFOUNDATION is involved in integrated development programs such as training education, health, (HIV/AIDS),computer, agriculture, Eco-protection, women and child care and much more. Having strong executive team and Women groups, volunteers, youth clubs, sports clubs and well-wishers. Even though sky foundation is implemented varied development program activities, which is given special attention to heart patient health. Because Tamil Nadu is a dry land and economically backward area. Majority of the people lives in below poverty line. Due to various reasons considerable number of persons suffered from heart disease and could not undergo proper treatment. Therefore sky foundation selected poor heart patients and we helped them to undergo treatment. Till now we have arranged funds for 32 poor heart children's. Also we provide free online teaching for students of more then 42 countries.We have link with more then 310 NGOs throughout world. You are welcome to india for any assignment, we ill provide accommodation and all other helps for you. ARISE! AWAKE! AND STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL IS REACHED, AT PRESENT OUR GOAL IS TO SERVE POOR HEARTS IF YOU WANT TO JOIN WITH US PLEASE CONTACT FOR FREE ONLINE TUTION CONTACT Because, If you thing something is impossible then your mind go's to work for you to prove it, In other hand If you thing somthing is possible then your mind go's to work for you and helps to you to find out the ways to do it. IF YOU SERVE TO OTHERS GOD WILL SERVE YOU


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