La Choza Chula

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About Us

La Choza Chula is a social enterprise working to improve the quality of education, promote conservation and ensure the community of El Paredón benefits from growing tourism. We are funded by sales of our local tours and products and donations.

We run a year-round education and activity programme for children and young people at the Buena Vista Library, funded and built by La Choza Chula in 2014 and also have a growing community tourism and enterprise initiative, providing an alternative income stream for the local community. La Choza Chula works with a group of women and young people to train and develop their skills to create quality products such as bracelets, clothing, yoga mat bags and surfboard covers, enabling them to earn a fair and independent income. We work in partnership with the community, the local government and external influencers to build a more sustainable future for El Paredón.