Natural Health Products Protection Association

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About Us

The Natural Health Products Protection Association (NHPPA) is one of Canada’s leading non-profit

activist organizations with a mission to protect the alternative health care industry’s access to

natural health products and practitioners ability to practice. NHPPA’s message is one of inclusion.

Natural health products and practices want a place at Canada’s societal table of diversity and


NHPPA ran powerful national campaigns for a number of years on behalf of affected

manufacturers, retailers, practitioners and the public. Campaigns that targeted the political and

judicial branches of Parliament as well as the bureaucrats at Health Canada, the pharmaceutical

industry and mainstream media.

NHPPA has grown from a grass roots movement to become internationally recognized and quoted.

Our copyrighted materials have crossed the globe and our experts have become sought-after

interviewees by media who choose to look beneath surface and spin.

After a recent hiatus, NHPPA is back in full force, seeking the most powerful and passionate team

to unify, and call to action, Canada’s natural health community to secure a victory. NHPPA is

looking to gain critical mass through public awareness, since Health Canada released their latest

proposal to overhaul, in an even more onerous way, how the entire Canadian market will be