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About Us

What is a Beautiful Spirited Woman? Beautiful Spirited Women is an organization designed to aid in the restoration of community with our primary focus being mentoring teenage girls. We strive to create a drama-free environment where women can come together with the collective mind set of empowering one another. If you are a woman looking to be in the midst of strong, uplifting, positive, and productive women this organization is perfect for you. While we do ask that members be at least 21 years old, we invite ALL women regardless of color, creed, or ethnicity to join. In order to become a member of BSW we simply request that you allow yourself to be a used as a vessel for the cause. Come with a pure heart, good intentions, and ready to work. Similar to any organization BSW does require that you lend your time and talents to the organization. Regular attendance to meetings, events, and TUH (Teen Uplifting Hours) are required. We are sympathetic to the fact that most women are wearing several hats, meaning often have to juggle the demands of a family, children, work, and other responsibilities. We realize that attending EVERY event is not realistic; we merely ask that you are as dedicated as possible. In addition to teen mentoring we are volunteers in the community. We participate in activities such as, Breast Cancer Walk or feeding the homeless at the local shelter. Our ultimate goal is to make ourselves readily available wherever we are needed in the community. BSW is not just an organization it is a lifestyle. We are groups of women diligently working to improve our conditions. There is work that comes with being a member of BSW, but when helping others is your passion being involved does not feel like an obligation. All our members LOVE waking up knowing that we are making a difference.BSW are no strangers to hard work, but we also know how to play. Beautiful Spirited Women hosts "girl's night out," sleep overs, attend women's workshops, and celebrate with one another. We have uncovered an innovative way to merge giving back to the community with having a good time. True to our name, we are a sisterhood and just like family we weather the storms together. BSW recognizes that we are in a daily battle to save our children. If it is in your heart to make a difference and you have the desire to do so in the company of like-minded women BSW is a place you can call home, our doors and hearts are always open. The best way to find out more about Beautiful Spirited Women is to fellowship with us. With love from our hearts to yours, we welcome you