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New Orleans
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About Us

Our Beginnings

Founded in 2003, Metro Bicycle Coalition is a local nonprofit organization that improves cycling in Greater New Orleans through education and advocacy.

People Who Ride Bikes - Safety

We represent tens of thousands of people who ride bikes in the region, over 3,200 bicycle commuters and dozens of local businesses dedicated to improving the safety of our streets as it helps all of our families thrive in the region.

Improving Infrastructure

New Orleans has over 32 miles of installed bike infrastructure and anticipates an additional 30 miles installed by the end of 2011. Much of this is the fruit of our labor through our collaborative spirit and good relationships with local bureaucrats and policy-makers.

Community Organizers

We produce several fun community events that also promote rider safety, with over 3,000 participants per year. These events include the much loved Bicycle Second Line and our new Bicycle Valet program, a "bike-check" at local festivals and fairs.