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About Us

State Voices is helping create a fair and just society in America by making our democracy more accessible, inclusive, and representative. Our network of nonpartisan, state-based coalitions works with hundreds of grassroots organizations to break down barriers to civic participation, restore confidence in government, and bring historically marginalized populations - and their issues - to the center of public discourse. Both nationally and in the states, we are building a community of collaboration, innovation, and equity that amplifies the impact of our partners. State Voices seeks to catalyze this social change by pursuing these three long-term goals:

  • In every state where there is a State Voices table, democratic institutions will be models of inclusion, accessibility, and fair representation.
  • Every State Voices table will be a hub for integrated civic engagement activity that demonstrates the collective impact of progressive c3 organizations.
  • Every State Voices table will be a transformative, multicultural coalition effectively building the power of leaders and organizations from underrepresented and marginalized communities.

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