Silver Upholders Limited (Microfinance)

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About Us

Silver Upholders provides credit opportunities to poor entrepreneurial women in the slums of Kampala. We make loans to women who would otherwise not have access to credit. With our loans, these entrepreneurs are able to expand their businesses and increase their income, raising their families’ standard of living. We believe that when women earn, everyone benefits!

Silver Upholders has been steadily expanding since our opening in 2008. We have established a business model that works well in practice, and each of our four branches is thriving. As we move forward, we hope to continue expanding, offering more credit opportunities to entrepreneurs and initiating more community service projects.

As an intern, you will have the opportunity to contribute to this growth process by applying the skills that you have developed as a student and in the work world. The outside perspective that you bring with you, to each aspect of the company, will help Silver Upholders evaluate how effective we are, and how we can improve going forward. In addition, your work on new initiatives, promoting the company and connecting with contributors abroad, will be highly valuable to our locally run company, and integral to our ability to grow. Your effort and your input will have a lasting impact on our community!