Urban Resources Development Corporation

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About Us

The Urban Resource Development Corporation (URDC) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit housing organization committed to improving neighborhoods in northwest Philadelphia through the repair or rehabilitation of houses for the low-income and elderly. URDC is managed by eight local churches and uses no public money for its efforts. URDC currently administers two major housing related programs:

1. Abandoned Housing Rehabilitation: URDC's rehab program focuses on abandoned or mortgage-foreclosed properties in fairly stable neighborhoods where abandoned homes are very noticeable and of serious concerns to neighbors. URDC purchases these properties, rehabs them using professional contractors, and sells them to qualified low-income families.
2. Owner Occupied Repair Program: URDC's Owner-Occupied Program assists low-income and elderly homeowners in the exterior repair of their homes. OOP operates in conjunction with National Penn Bank, which supplies low interest loans (3%, un-collateralized, not to exceed $5,000) to qualified owners for exterior home repairs. URDC pre-screens candidates for the program, selects contractors, and supplies direct grants to help owners defray the costs of major repairs.

Since 1995, URDC has rehabilitated over 40 abandoned homes and repaired over 250 occupied homes.