Center for Teaching International Relations

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About Us

The Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR) prepares our nation’s youth for increasingly global economic, environmental and political realities. If our young people and our country are to flourish in this new century, then they must have more relevant knowledge, skills, and attitudes to address the situations and realities they will encounter.

The vision of the Center for Teaching International Relations (CTIR) is to develop:

  • Students who inquire, research, and engage in global issues;
  • Teachers of all levels and disciplines who creatively and competently infuse their curriculum with global issues and topics;
  • School classrooms in which young people acquire a deep understanding and appreciation of global political, economic, social, and environmental systems.

The mission of CTIR is to constantly improve the reach and efficacy of international education services for American youth, teachers, and schools. We pursue our vision and our mission with three basic strategies:

  • To create avenues for school-aged youth to engage directly in global issues;
  • To assist teachers in bringing a global dimension to their classrooms via curriculum materials and professional development;
  • To demonstrate to school administrators and policy makers through research, publication, and an annual professional conference that international education can and should be an integral part of a K-12 education.