Boston Institute for Psychotherapy

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1415 Beacon St.
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About Us

Boston Institute for Psychotherapy, Inc. is a non-profit organization dedicated to professional training, mental health treatment, and public education. It was created and is sustained by mental health professionals who endorse psychodynamic and psychoanalytic principles of practice and growth.

The Institute was founded in 1970 as the first post-graduate training program open to social workers, licensed mental health clinicians, and psychologists. It is a high quality freestanding fully licensed mental health clinic, which has been providing innovative service programs supporting individuals and families.

The mission of the Boston Institute for Psychotherapy is to contribute to human development, mental health, and the effectiveness of human organizations. This mission is to be accomplished by learning, developing, teaching, and applying psychodynamic principles.

• To provide excellent training to members of professions dedicated to providing mental health and organizational development services.

• To serve the community by providing services of the highest quality to people and organizations.

• To conduct research and build theory to further the understanding of human behavior and clinical application of psychodynamic theory.

• To affect the wider community by being a substantial contributor to issues of clinical and social significance.

We are committed to nurturing and promoting excellence, high ethical standards, and creativity, including the question of orthodoxy, among all our members. We are committed to a model that integrates learning and doing wherever possible.

The Institute's ability to promote its values, ideas, and methods depends most critically on the application of this spirit in our actions towards one another and towards others with whom we work.