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About Us


- Bringing good wishes, national institutions and international developmentprofessionals and the public on projects related to its areas of intervention;

- Campaigning Advocacy and awareness on the conditions of thepopulations living in urban and rural areas, and their future prospects;

- Create a list of demands to the priorities of children and vulnerablepeople so that they might be taken into account in national developmentprograms,

- Implement specific actions to promote and ensure the full developmentof young people for a better socio-economic integration;

- Encourage and develop within the identified vulnerable groups, the spirit ofinitiative, creativity and dynamism through the regular enrollment andparticipation in training programs for small businesses generating income;

- Giving children and vulnerable people: psychological support througheducational talks, monitoring psycho family for the reconstruction of socialrelations, and assistance: health and nutrition;

- Serve as institutional holder of humanitarian action by serving as a linkbetween governmental structures, community and donors.

Rule 4: Purpose

R4.1. The goal of " HELPWITHOUT LIMIT FOUNDATION " in its present form is defined by its motto: HOME-SHARE-WELFARE.

. They are:

- Social Protection;

- Health Protection;

- Environmental Protection;

- Promotion of Gender;

- Urban and Rural Community Development;

. Its priority areas are:

1 - In the field of education / training:

  • Provide basic education and vocational training for all;

2 - In the field of health:

  • Work with government in order to provide a healthy environment to Cameroonians and protect the health of vulnerable sections of these populations;

3 - In the field of gender:

  • Promote all aspects of equality of opportunity between men and women;

4 - In the field of urban and rural community development:

  • Promote artistic creation and cultural development as sources ofleisure for local populations;

5 - In the field of social protection:

  • Help young people in difficulty to integrate easily after their training in the labor market, and assist the elderly in their daily lives.

What we do

· Participation to positive actionstoward development at its territory by activity leading to amendment of

health and educational status of the population.

· Help towards the public invaccination programs and fight against pandemics.

· Fight against the less privilege, andunemployment of medical and premedical staffs.

· Help people victims of naturaldisasters and accident.

· Making drugs and treatment accessibleto the poor ones who are unable to purchase.

· Free education to the less privilegein and disable in the public and society as large