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About Us


“Our mission is to provide opportunities for women and girls of color to build and sustain wealth.”



BlackFem, Inc.’s mission is to provide opportunities for women and girls of color to build and sustain wealth. Though we specifically target women and girls, our school programs are open to all students. Our core values of empowerment and social justice are achieved through the content of our programming, our commitment to reducing economic barriers to a quality financial education, and the long-term relationships we nurture with the communities we serve. Our mission is grounded in its commitment to unlimited access to financial education; we work to integrate our programs in all schools, even those who cannot meet the full cost of our services without community and grant support.


In 2015, BlackFem, Inc. was established in Harlem. Though New York City is a center for the United States’ financial services industry, there are extreme deficiencies in financial resources and education in communities of color, particularly in schools. After learning that most students in New York City rarely receive financial literacy education, if at all, during or after school, BlackFem, Inc. pledged to provide this education to as many schools as possible with the ultimate goal of providing it to even the most struggling school community at an affordable cost. By 2016 we had established a year-round program schedule for our BlackFem In-House programs and later introduced our BlackFem At School program. BlackFem, Inc. has served over 1,200 women and girls of color from our In-House programs and over 5,000 students from our At School programs with over 450 hours of programming.


Our programs are successful for two profound reasons. First, all of BlackFem’s curriculum is customized and infused with the experience of low-income communities of color. Each community we serve is different. The curriculum students learn from must address the issues in their daily lives and must reflect their experience or it will not connect with the students. Second, BlackFem’s team combines both financial experts and teachers. Simply put, financial education requires both finance and education. The BlackFem team has individuals with Wall Street experience, various professional financial certifications, Masters degrees in general and special education, and inner-city teaching experience. The financial expertise of the BlackFem team allows the organization to teach complex financial concepts and know that they are taught correctly. The teaching experts ensure that we adequately support our teachers and create curriculum that actually connects with students.