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About Us

In the year 2000, the dawning of the new millennium, seven students at Central Park East 2 (CPE 2), an elementary school in East Harlem, began meeting during recess, with DeVeor Rainey, their music teacher, to jam on the school's percussion instruments. Since then, the group has evolved into a formal percussion ensemble of very competent musicians, who participate in a comprehensive after-school music program and perform their own compositions and arrangements throughout the city.

Speaking in Rhythms' mission is to provide youth with an opportunity to engage in a comprehensive music program that promotes the appreciation and creation of music.

The overall goal of the music program is to create opportunities that will foster musical thinking and creative expression. The ability to think musically is developed through direct interaction with music through performing, creating, and analytical listening. Students participate in learning experiences that urge the mind to explore musical ideas and concepts both critically and creatively.

The curriculum for the music program is developed from a set of goals designed to meet the standards of a music education program. These goals are geared to help students learn and develop musical skills that will lead them to be proficient in music. The goals are divided into the following categories: Musicianship, Creating, Analysis and Appreciation, and Performance.