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About Us

Towson University’s Department of Geography and Environmental Planning established the Center for Geographic Information Sciences (CGIS) in 1984 to support the University’s GIS and related courses. CGIS has grown since then and for the past 12 years has been helping government agencies, businesses, and non-profit organizations make GIS relevant and useful to their mission. Along with existing state-of-the-market technology infrastructure to support data distribution and collaboration and image processing, CGIS resources include the critical mass and diversity of experienced staff required for database development, application development, map-enabled Web site design and development, training, coordination and communication, procurement, and GIS needs assessments. The CGIS team of approximately 35 full-time, degreed professionals includes certified Project Management Professionals, IT Systems Specialists, GIS Specialists, a Multimedia Coordinator and Graphic Designer, and a Technical Writer, among others, who consistently deliver their best work to clients and customers and are firmly committed to empowering clients to use GIS technology to its full potential.

CGIS is helping Towson University become Maryland’s Metropolitan University by engaging in partnerships that expand the University’s boundaries and business outreach, strengthen government linkages, and assist with serving Maryland’s specialized workforce needs.