Southern Care, Inc.

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2258 Schuetz Rd.
St Louis
United States

About Us

Southern Care, Inc is a hospice company dedicated to the care of dying patients.

Philosophy Statement

At SouthernCare, Inc. we have the opportunity and thus the obligation to listen, interpret and then provide the best way to improve the quiality of life of our customers by exceeding their expectations and fulfilling their wishes, one person at a time.

Mission Statement

The mission of southernCare, Inc is to assure that residentns of its service locales haave access to a program of care that enhances the quality of life for the terminally ill and their families. care for the whole person is emphasized by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support to all medically approprioate persons, without discrimination. Efforts are centered on meeting needs by offering highly individuallized, compassionate care in the person's home or a home-like setting. SouthernCare,Inc recognizes the value of dedicated staff and volunteers and affirms each as individuals, as well as members of the care team. SouthernCare, Inc. is dedicated to enhancing the cae of all in the community by education, and by example, serve as a symbolic reminder that life is to be lived until you die.