Voices on the Border

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About Us

Voices on the Border (Voices) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting just and sustainable development in the Lower Lempa region of Usulután and Comunidad Segundo Montes in Morazán. We at Voices have accompanied our Salvadoran partners for over 23 years, beginning our relationship in the refugee camps in Colomoncagua, Honduras during El Salvador’s brutal civil war. When the refugees repatriated in the early 1990s, we accompanied them back across the border where they settled in Comunidad Segundo Montes. As other refugees returned from camps in Nicaragua and Panama, our local partners asked that we help them resettle in the Lower Lempa region of Usulután.

Voices has a unique approach to development. We focus more on facilitating relationships and increasing organizational capacity than simply providing funds for projects or giving directions. We strongly believe that this is the best way to promote long term, sustainable community development.

Voices is a small organization, but a growing community of international advocates. We are grantmakers, delegates, civil society champions, grass roots organizers, development project facilitators, organizational capacity builders, a network of involved U.S. and Salvadoran partners, proponents for social, economic and political justice, and a body of informed and concerned U.S. citizens. Our small size allows our interns and volunteers to gain valuable experience with every aspect of non-profit, development work.