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About Us

Hi-lights of Impact

• Impact partners with internationally-focused anti-poverty organizations and fundraises and/or travels through them. Although the nonprofit world is extremely competitive for funds, Impact believes in win/win situations. Through these partnerships, Impact avoids duplication of efforts and supports existing efforts.

• Furthermore, Impact believes in focused systematic efforts. By pairing universities with underdeveloped communities and at a larger level developed states, provinces, and countries with underdeveloped countries, development will not only be collaborative but effective. For example, New York may be paired with India thus named Impact India within the state of New York.

• Lastly, Impact cares about the personal development of the individual. We encourage this personal development through our values centered around conflict management, culturally-sensitive service, and collaborative partnerships. Consequently, we hope to build a more peaceful just society.

Local Anti-Poverty Initiative for Impact

Impact will work on poverty within developed states and nations as well. For example, Impact Indiana, Impact Florida, etc. Impact's local approach will be different from its international approach. Through private donations and fundraising, money will be allocated to local anti-poverty initiatives and people in poverty in a comprehensive manner regarding but not limited to the following:

-educational assistance

-housing assistance

-food assistance

-childcare assistance

-career counseling and placement

-mental health services

A signature program that Impact hopes to especially support is conflict management and relationship-building training among families.

Financial need will be evaluated on a case by case basis with an emphasis on quality of life and not just providing the bare minimum. Evaluation and accountability measures will be carried out.